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Neon Sign – Design a beautiful LOGO with Low-Cost

Neon sign has been used in the advertising industry for half a century. Nowadays, neon is play an import role in the advertising industry. Also more designers have added neon to indoor design and some very creative design works. Due to its beautiful effect in light, it plays an irreplaceable role in commercial activities and holiday decorations.


Thanks to the development of the advertising industry, neon has a very cheap price in today. Nowadays, people can catch beautiful neon products for several dozen of dollars on platforms such as Amazon. Even some sellers can  provide customized services free of charge. You just need to send the letters or patterns which you want to make to seller , and you will receive the neon logo you want after several weeks.


This article main to discuss the application of neon signs today and how to customize a beautiful neon signs for personal use or business. It will tell you the importance of choose an experienced neon sign seller.

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Wide range of applications

The low prices of neon products are very beneficial to customers, but sellers and factories wish that their products can bring more profits instead of cheap price. Therefore, sellers and factories have tried many methods to increase profits. To increase the added value of products. For example, design services or long-term warranty services (some was lifetime warranty) free of charge, or more beautiful neon products made by different materials.


Neon signs was very common in many commercial centers or walk streets. Their colorful lights can quickly attract customer, and make them remember the brand or  LOGO. Some unique neon signs allow customer to easily identify the business nature of the store, and then attract consumers to get into the store for shopping.


Customized suitable neon signs were very important for business or designer. A wide variety of fonts and colors can be combined to create a romantic, nostalgic or fun atmosphere. When buyer don’t know how to choose neon colors, or had no idea about designs, neon sign manufacture will provide experienced designers to help them finish designs until the buyer satisfied.


When the neon signs was in design stage. Most buyer won't consider the actual situation of the installation. This will lead to various trouble during the installation. Experienced designers will complete design drawings based on customer needs and actual installation conditions, they will change the design until suit for the installation structure based on their rich design experience. Let these beautiful neon signs not affect the beautiful display effect due to installation problems.
When you want to customize beautiful and durable neon signs to strengthen your business, it's very important to choosing a neon manufacturer or seller with rich experience. They can provide a variety of design solutions and installation solutions based on actual usage scenarios. Experienced sellers can provide more cases for reference. It can achieve the effect that users want to the greatest extent.

How to Customize Neon Sign

JAGUARSIGN is a sign manufacture which has decades of experience in making neon signs. The designer was skilled and has a lot of design experience. They can provide beautiful and cost-effective solution based on buyer needs. JAGUARSIGN  is  one of the suppliers of largest signage company in the United States. You can directly initiate a free consultation online, or visit their social media accounts to view their works, select the one you are satisfied, and tell them to get your own design of neon sign.



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