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Gas Station Business and Wayfinding Signage System Customization

As one of the most common types of retail business, gas stations need to establish an effective wayfinding signage system to attract customers and make their experience more convenient. A well-designed signage system is not only helpful for finding the way, but also for creating a distinctive image and promoting the brand. This article will introduce different types of wayfinding signs for gas stations, including Pylon signs, Directional signs, Canopy signage, LED gas price signs, and Car wash signage. We will also discuss the features and benefits of each type of sign, as well as their potential for brand image and advertising.

Classification of Gas Station Business and Wayfinding Signage System

1.Pylon Signs
Pylon signs are tall and freestanding signs that are typically located near the entrance of a gas station, displaying the brand name and logo. Pylon signs can be customized with different shapes, sizes, and colors to create a unique and attractive brand identity. They are also effective for attracting attention from a distance and enhancing the visibility of the gas station.s.

2.Directional Signs

Directional signs are used to guide customers to various areas within the gas station such as parking areas, restrooms, convenience store, and car wash. They are usually placed on walls, poles, or stands, with simple symbols or text to indicate the direction. Directional signs need to be clear, concise and easy to understand for customers.

3.Canopy Signage
Canopy signs are mounted on the top of the gas station's canopy, displaying the name of the gas station, logo, and other important information such as the type of fuel available. Canopy signs can be illuminated, making them visible at night and creating a more inviting atmosphere for the customers.

4.LED Gas Price Signs

LED gas price signs are electronic signs displaying the updated prices of fuel, which can be easily changed remotely. LED gas price signs are becoming more popular as they save the gas station more time and money than manually changing the prices of the sign. Moreover, new designs for the signs have an animated element, captivate the interest of the customers.

5.Car Wash Signage
Car wash signage is designed to promote the car wash service that is offered at the gas station. This type of sign can be placed near the entrance or exit of the car wash to attract customers, and can display information such as prices, types of car washes or specials deals. Additionally, a well-designed signage can also serve as a brand image for car wash services.

Features of the Wayfinding Signage System

The most important feature of a good wayfinding signage system is its functionality and readability. All signs should be easy to read and understand, with visible font types and sizes. In addition, the use of contrast between the background and the text can help to make the sign more visible and attractive. The use of simple icons, symbols, and arrows can help simplify the information for customers to quickly understand the message. Appropriate color schemes and branding elements like logos and typography can make the signage more appealing and memorable to the customers.

Brand Image and Advertising Potential
A well-designed and executed wayfinding signage system can go beyond providing functional value. It can enhance the overall brand image, create recall among customers and play a significant role in advertising. As a part of a branded environment, the wayfinding signage system can express the brand personality and values. For instance, a modern and sophisticated gas station should choose signage that is simple, elegant, and has a minimalist design, while a station with a more rustic feel may choose signage with a more handcrafted, vintage look. The wayfinding signage system can also foster brand loyalty and recall among customers, as they identify with the distinctive brand elements throughout the station and make positive associations with the brand.

Furthermore, signage with a dual-purpose can be used to promote products or services offered by the station, like up-selling snacks, drinks, or car wash services. For example, the car wash signage may include a promotion for a car wash service, such as discounted prices or buy-one-get-one-free. Additionally, the gas price signs can promote its brand’s market competitiveness, by displaying prices that are lower than competitors or special offers for customers who use the gas station frequently.


A wayfinding signage system is vital in the branding of a gas station and is more than just arrows and information posts. The signage must complement the overall image and aesthetic of the gas station and make the experience convenient and enjoyable for the customers. The use, placement, and design of these signs can positively influence brand image and stimulate traffic, which ultimately drives sales. By applying effective branding elements into wayfinding signage, a gas station can have the potential for creating a lasting impression and unforgettable experience for the customers.

Post time: May-19-2023